A self-taught artist,  in my mid forties I began drawing subjects I loved, feathers, suns and animals, especially horses.  Starting with pencil and pen I  then played with watercolor pencils then watercolors and most recently acrylics. For practice I’d try to reproduce what other artists had created but soon evolved my own artistic style.  To be able to draw and paint the things I loved was like a gift, especially to be able to create equine art.  Feeling good enough about some of my equine art and feather art, I had a small series of horse note cards and feather note cards printed for sale.  Although not fine equine art I kept painting and drawing and honing my skill until I painted some watercolor horse paintings on paper. At art exhibits, art shows and local art galleries my equestrian art was well received by horse lovers and other equestrian artists as well.  It was then that I decided that I could accurately describe myself as an artist and especially of equine art since people wanted to purchase both reproduction horse art prints, and original horse art for themselves and as gifts for others.  The very first artwork, a pencil drawing of a horse titled “Equine Soul” that I entered into an art gallery exhibit received an honorable mention.  I also started offering giclee prints of some of my art work, the watercolor paintings, pencil artwork and my collage horse art.  I had been creating some collage art using painted papers, feathers and other embellishments that were well received and were sold at an art gallery.  Because I love the puzzle-like nature of putting together collage art I expanded that to a new way of creating my equine art.  Of all my art, my equine paper collages are my most popular although all my art has been described as being evocative and truly capturing the essence of my subject.  My artwork is a soulful endeavor and a continual source of joy for me.  I am proud to consider myself and be considered by others to be a watercolor artist, pencil artist, collage artist and mixed media artist.  As you peruse my art website that is full of equine art but not limited to horse art, I hope you, too, enjoy my artwork and consider purchasing either an art print or an original art piece.  Thank you!  Look to the sun!  Carol A. Watson      

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